David: the rule book

I always felt like I should live by a certain set of standards. I’ve just never gone about organizing them. This might start haphazardly, but it’ll flesh out eventually.


Embrace your feelings. Even if it involves child pornography, or incest, or terrorism, etc. There is always an explanation for why you feel that way. Denying them will only come to haunt you in the end.

Explore your feelings. Face them in a controlled, simulated environment. If not on a computer, use your mind and daydream! If you’ve hit a dead end, consider talking about it with friends… but be warned! They add their levels of complexity to the situation!

Recalibrate your feelings. Sometimes, you think you’re ready for something, but you’re not. Sometimes you think you can’t do something when you can. Train yourself to recognize these feelings.

Draw your lines accurately. Redefine them when faced with a contradiction. By your lines, I mean your social comfort zones, social habits, social rules, etc. Diets, curfews, intimacy levels, the list goes on. The lines, however, are not for you to follow! The lines are for you to communicate with others! Let them know your lines, so they know how you (think you) want to be treated.


Don’t go searching for trouble. Let trouble find you. Nothing’s perfect, so you’re bound to stumble across trouble no matter where you go. Instead, when trouble finds you, you’re hands won’t be tied with other worried. Of course, if you’re bored, you’ll want to go searching for trouble. Don’t. Talk to your mentor, instead, about what to do with your life. If you don’t have a mentor, search for one!

Nothing’s impossible, if you can make the time to do it. Even living forever should be possible. It just might be very costly.

Think short-term fix, long-term goal. Baby steps towards your ideal situation is always key. You find a problem, patch it, investigate the situation, solve the problem, and remove the patch.