Post #130: The hardest truth

An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world. — George Santayana
Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth. — Theodor Adorno
Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth. — John Ruskin

my art is an attempt to draw the universe
a response to what I took to be its call
to ask it if I have heard its words correctly
in hopes that I am hearing right at all

in either case, it always has responded
either yes or no or kinda, but in truth
and I forget the physics
but the math has kept me grounded
and economics helped me save my youth

or unfortunately…
I’ll let you decide…

my weakness for astrology has got me spending fast
let me tell a story, ’bout a girl who scared my past

into and through the hardest truth…

she spoke it without hesitation
t’was said without sound of regret
that art doesn’t have any message
what’s given ain’t what people get

my insides were ready to shatter
to bury these words in her head
but she was a woman of matter
I pardoned my temper instead

it came to me sweet in the silence
I knew it was hard and was true

I fought with my internal violence
to save us from Me and from You
for We are a notion much stronger
than any of us are apart

“don’t suffer blindness much longer
give back what was taken to heart”

it’s hard for we all feel this power
and fear we might be thought insane
be slow with it, little per hour
temper the flow with your brain

or your spine, or your abs, or your pelvis
wherever it is you can feel
the currents are flowing
the earth is still rolling
We’re here so to steady the wheel

fight with your internal violence!
save us from Me and from You!
for We are a notion much stronger
together We are something true

then, no one will be paid to suffer
then, no one need speak of what’s right
as long as We work - not in fear - but from wonder
then, art will inspire insight

and You, yes, will find Your own meaning
and You, yes, will test Your own faith
Us, We shall meet when We’re dreaming
We listen, We draw, and We wait

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