Post #185: Accidental hiatus

Dear Alice,

I’m sorry I haven’t written you in a while. I blame it mostly on work, as usual (sorry: broken record) but if ever I should be allowed to complain about it, this time is legit! What an eye-opener! They aren’t joking when they say that “What makes you tougher makes you stronger.”

I’ve always held to the principle that work stays at work, yet there comes a point where they can break you. I was overloaded to the point where I was losing sleep, and waking up to just get everything sorted out. In retrospect, it all makes sense, how it all came into being, and I sometimes catch myself kicking myself for the attitude I held in the months beforehand (i.e. the second half of 2013). “Why didn’t I provide more training?”, “Why wasn’t I documenting more often?”, etc. Yet, luckily, I’ve got this awesome built-in defense mechanism for regret: I trust my past self - always. From that, I can recall how little guidance I was given, and how much I was making up on the fly, etc. etc.

Anyways, that was then, this is now. No promises of being a “new man”, no promises of “finally figuring it out”. I still care about music, and I still want to be a part of the scene. I’ll keep you posted.

David =B~)

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