Post #180: HHK Competition Edition 2

Last night, I took part in the HHK competition for the second time. The last time that I did it, I spent months learning how to sing “Big Pimpin’”, figuring out my breath, and trying on different deliveries and voices just to make it work. I put a lot of work into it, and then let myself down when I went on stage.

This time, I decided to let myself go in without any mission. I just wanted to do my song justice. I didn’t do as much work as last time, especially since I’ve been singing “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” since high school. I tried it a few times during the past two weeks, and I felt like I had it all down pat.

Then, I get on stage, and I’m doing Ma$e’s verse… and somehow, I’m screaming his lines. What the heck happened?! I’m thinking, “Woah! Calm down! This is Ma$e we’re talking about!” and I try to get back on track. The chorus comes, and I go for the falsetto… and I can’t hear the crowd. I might have been banking on the crowd to join in too. Ah well.

The only other part for me was there was this one guy at the front, who was trying to communicate with me. Hand gestures - he’s trying to tell me to speak louder into the mike? Okay, fine. I start cupping my hands around my voice to go louder for Puff’s verse. I get to the chorus again - I go for falsetto, and I look down at the guy. He’s booing! Booing?! Well, fuck, what do you do with that?

At this point, I’m out of breath, I wasted so much gas being loud - and doing every freakin’ chorus - that by the time I reach at Biggie’s verse, I’m puffing. The guy’s still booing, and I’m drowning on stage. I’m thinking, “please, just make it to that one part in the verse with some breath in me.”

Playboy, I told ya. Bring your might to me?
Bruise too much, and lose too much
Step on stage, the girls boo too much
I guess that’s cause you hang with lame dudes too much

I finished. I didn’t try the chorus a third time. I just stopped. Exhaled, and the song was over.

Here’s what the judge had to say: (I’ll quote the whole thing later, but for now, I’ll put what was unofficially deemed to be the #1 quote of the entire night)
“If you the only guy booing… YOU A HATER” - Evil Dee The Philosopher!

I’m still shaken, not by the hater, but by the performance. Honestly, I think I didn’t have my wits about me because I just came off of a hellish week at work. Next time: (1) Not singing the full chorus. If there’s one thing I learned from the other competitors, it’s not to sing the choruses. Let the crowd do it. Let the crowd take some responsibility for having a good time! (2) Try to de-stress before the competition!

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  1. jackie Says:

    if there is one thing i know about you, it’s that you are extremely hard on yourself. take the lessons you learned, but i hope you’re not still dwelling on the performance. i bet it was much better than you think it was, and even if it wasn’t, it takes some serious guts to do it, and you should be proud of yourself for that. here’s a participation ribbon.

    also? that judge’s comment was epic. true words, bro.

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