Post #179: Calm down, do a Sudoku.

Sure enough, I’ve been back home for a month, and I’m in a rut again. I came back with a list of things that I was anxious to do, but once I started trying to do them, something wouldn’t work out the way I thought it would, and I’d have to regroup. Worse, I can’t concentrate on my personal to-do list because my work to-do list keeps creeping up on me. I start to panic, and I whip out my Ultimate Ninja Sudoku book and do a puzzle. Or three.

Yesterday, I kept the day to myself, did a decent clean up of my apartment. I even got rid of all the crumbs in my toaster. One ex noted that I rearrange the furniture when I start feeling anxious. I don’t mind that being a “tell”. I also try to write everything that I need to get done down, which is why I rode my bike in the rain to Grand and Toy, in the hopes of purchasing a large white dry erase board. (No luck. The ones in stock weren’t what I was looking for.)

I don’t like taking my work home, but I have a funny feeling that I’m going to start doing that. At least the documentation part.

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