Post #178: Come Together, Right Now, Over Me

I’ve been back in the Caribbean, at my parents’ place for a week now, and the verdict is still out on the experience.

We’re doing a huge family reunion, and it’s very eventful. We’ve gone to the original house where my granddad grew up; we went on a party boat that brought us to a great snorkeling area; we celebrated my aunt’s birthday at a bar that once was a fort and once a place to house the crazy folks in Grenada. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be an extended family kinda guy. You know when you go to these week long gatherings, and you gravitate towards a select few folks, and for that week alone, you stick together and establish yourselves as a posse? I didn’t do that.

Instead of being excited for the next event, I’m much happier with my solo routine, that involves coffee and programming in the morning, brushing my hair after I shower, and push ups before I go to sleep. I’m more interested in fixing my website, or resurrecting my internal debate on buying a condo, or restarting yoga/martial arts again.

Maybe that’s my problem. Which is why the verdict is out.

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