Post #165: Week 6

I’m slacking.

Monday - driving lessons
Tuesday - bowling (4 strikes in a row!)
Wednesday - Halloween costume shopping! dinner at Little India
Thursday - magic draft (last place!)
Friday - driving lessons
Saturday - Halloween costume build + party!
Sunday - full day with CJ
Monday - Got my full G licence! Yeah!! Made chilli!
Tuesday - nothing, really.

I’m not sure what to say for myself. I think I’m doing a lot of thinking…? Is that a thing? Where’s my inspiration? Where are my songs? Where’s my beer?
Tomorrow’s my birthday, and Thursday, CJ’s got a full day planned ahead for me. On Friday, I’ll be having lunch with co-workers, and on Saturday, I’ll be involved in a full day of MTG drafting!

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  1. Adam Says:

    I need to meet CJ. She sounds interesting, and I need to know more interesting people.

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