Post #163: Week 4 off

Oye! I swapped chess with Magic: The Gathering!

Monday - Thanksgiving - cooked scalloped potatoes w CJ, ate Thanksgiving lunch with team, played in the finals for Frisbee.
Tuesday - bought the latest cards in Magic w Stirling, played many games of Magic, went bowling, bowled two turkeys!
Wednesday - built two Magic decks, made homemade shake n bake chicken, called Mom
Thursday - built a third Magic deck, went to Regina Spektor concert
Friday - went for driving lessons on the highway, wrote “I’m On A Boat” parody, went to play Magic with Adam and Lian.

So, there’s the theme.
I’m a geek, and I geek out with my spare time.
I’m slowly moving to my website. It’s time I start playing around with this database stuff I’ve got floating around. I hit these bumps in my development, and then I just bail. It’d be easier if I had a mentor or a tutor or something…. There’s bound to be someone on my Facebook who’d be willing to teach me. Hmmmmmm….

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  1. sasha Says:

    use weebly! and then you’ll want to make it better, and it’ll make a great first step.

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