Post #152: The Murder Mystery Halloween Costume Birthday Party

It’s 11:30 am, and I’m taking the day to myself, hopefully. There is always something going on around here, and I hate missing out on fun.

My birthday party was last weekend. Halloween weekend. I usually gloat that the world holds several house parties in celebration of MY birthday, and I just need to show up. This year, I finally decided to own it. I planned a big Murder Mystery Halloween Costume Birthday Party for the 29th, and spent a good two to three weeks planning it.

The effort involved to pull something like that off is like having a mini-wedding, except that most people know how to attend a wedding. On top of booking a venue, assigning character, and printing out the game items, few people had played a Murder Mystery game before, let alone a LARP Murder Mystery. When I take a step back, it was really cool how everyone got into their characters, to the point that most people forgot about the murder altogether! I think that’s the intriguing part, since everyone had a good time even though only two people solved the murder. They were much more interested in getting to know the other characters in their game-world that related to them. I’m suddenly struck with the notion for another mystery game… no murders involved.

David =B~)

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  1. Adam Says:

    Welcome to the awesomeness that is live action role playing. It has all the best parts of acting, writing, costuming, and gaming rolled up into a giant ball of fun. You make a character come to life, you decide how the story unfolds, you make it all look awesome, and you get to decide what kind of game you want - and then you make it happen.

    Happy belated birthday, and I hope your next revolution around the sun is even better than the last one.

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