Post #135: Solution to the Absolution

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. — Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Dear Alice,

I guess it’s just what happens when he fears that he’s forgotten.
He lashes out in anger, in the hopes that she’ll still want him.
It’s sad that it’s the heartbreak that is all that will remain.
He hurts you but he loves you; yes, his lightning causes pain.

In my eyes, you hate me, and forever I’ll be wrong
Forever, I’ll be crazy, for I’ve put you in my song
And thus, my song is dying! as you still will not respond!

…except in burst of wonder to a world that holds you strong…

I guess that I’m not dying after all
I guess that I don’t need to hear you call
I guess I’m growing up
and I just wanted to say thank you
for when my back was up against the wall

“how can one forgive that which one never can forget?”
well, how can I stop loving when forever in your debt?
I guess one never knows it, and I never will regret
He loves you for forgiveness; yes, it rises just to set

David =B~)

p.s. I feel like a supernova.

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