Post #132: On Valid Excuses

A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life. — Suze Orman
In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits, express your power, and fulfill your potential.. it’s no different in the financial realm. — Suze Orman

Dear Alice,

When am I allowed to use excuses for my behaviour?

Right now, I’m complaining about my corporate taxes, but I’m doing everything but. That doesn’t mean that the February deadline isn’t forever swimming in my head. It just means that I’m having a really hard time getting them done, be it to “just do it” or to ask for help.

So, I vent to people. People, who can’t help me at all. Why? Because I don’t want help, I want sympathy and understanding, for when I can’t make it to the party tonight: I’ve got taxes on the brain. I’m trapped by my own pride of self sufficiency, or my own fear of dependancy.

Alright, fine. I’ll go talk to people who can help. What happens is they give me lots of advice that I feel I can’t use. “How about you find an accountant? Want to talk to mine?” I don’t…. I’m nervous. I feel that I have no instinct on what kind of accountant would be a good fit for me. I’d just take the first one who’ll have me and get stuck with them. Finding an accountant - someone to keep an eye out on how I manage my money - makes me nervous.

There you go. Too much self awareness might help you see the depth of your issues, but it then overwhelms you, since you now have many angles to approach the problem, and you’ve got to pick one. Self awareness presents the facts. What determines the course of action?

I hope that you can either forgive me for why I’ve been out of it all week, or figure out a way to help me approach the issue.

David =B~)

P.S. I spent all Saturday taking all the receipts that I’ve collected since starting my company, and I entered the details into an Excel spreadsheet. It was very rewarding! I have four sections: Programming, Songwriting, Personal, and Food. Of course, I’m not going to be able to write off anything from the 2nd category just yet, or ever anything from the 3rd or 4th category. It was just fascinating to see all that information. (1) What have I’ve been purchasing, and (2) how are taxes being applied to my purchases. It’s amazing how much goes to the government on a regular basis….

P.P.S. [same day] I just spent two hours on the phone with a co-worker who took the time to speak to his accountant with my situation in mind. He got me to call him back, and I’m on the road to a better tax situation. Hooray!

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