Post #131: Valentine’s Day Musings

Until you have lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is. - Margaret Mitchell

Dear Alice,

Someone at work wondered aloud quite innocently why people make such a big deal about Valentine’s day. I responded quite reflexively:

“Well, you first start imagining what other people might be doing on this day, and then you start to wonder why you aren’t doing anything romantic if that’s what people are supposed to be doing. Lastly, you consider what might be wrong with you such that you don’t seem to be capable of realizing such a scenario.”

…They didn’t have much to say to that.

Another musing.
Bering in Mind: My Lust: A Valentine’s Day confession and the psychology of infatuation
My favourite part is that he, too, wrote a letter to the one with whom he was infatuated.

I’ve done this kind of writing in the name of closure what seems like a gazillion times. You’ve got to when you fall in love so easily. The unfortunate part is that I’m actually never looking for closure. It’s a bluff that I can’t maintain. In reality, I don’t want to lose them, ever. But I must. … Somehow.

Why does abandonment cause so much grief?
Why do we neglect the ones who stick around?
Why do we go elsewhere to prove that we’re still worthy of love?

Stay Home, people. Stay Home.

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