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Post #187: Yet Another Reboot

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Dear Alice,

My site went down for a bit, out of neglect. I don’t know when they made it a rule that domains must update their information yearly, but mine was years out of date, and the admins tried to reach me at my old e-mail address…. With no response, they took my site down, and it took a while to get to the bottom of it. The worst part is that my site is no longer on the first page of Google! There goes all my “hard-earned” Google reputation.

Not that it matters. I’ve really lost the thread of my own narrative, let alone of this blog. I guess I just had a stronger drive to share my story with others when I was younger. Now I guess the story is, “What do I do with this incomplete project, now that my drive has died?” I’m a completionist at heart, and I truly believe that these songs I spent weeks of my life constructing deserve better. So, that’ll have to happen, eventually. If I can afford a good producer, I’ll get one.

Admittedly, I’m trying to restart my life, revisiting open mikes to see if I can’t find the motivation to do another show. I have a few close friends who’ve never heard me play before, which seems absurd considering how much of a part of my life it used to be. I went to the Free Times Cafe a few Mondays ago, and the host and a few others recognised me. I’m also signed up with a Toronto Song-writer’s meetup group. All good moves for getting back on the horse.