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Post #186: Intended Hiatus

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Dear Alice,

I’m off work. I’m off work. I’m off work. It’s nice to be free, it really is. Much better than what I was feeling, which was “no motivation and feeling hopeless to recultivate any”. Now, I’ve got the room, and while the motivation is still a bit feeble, some days are better than others.

Today was the first day I actually did some serious song-writing. (Other days I’ve tried, I just scribbled a few rhymes on a page - the equivalent of noodling on a guitar.) I coated my innards with coffee, picked up my guitar, and wrestled with a verse or two. No promises of this being a sign of my return to the stage, of course. I’m still pretty jaded on the cost-benefit of pursuing anything too seriously. (I’ve been gone for almost three years. “Still” is correct.) I think more often of dropping this site altogether. We’ll see.

Today, I also decided to top op my phone with some songs I hadn’t heard in a while, and I decided to revisit that ancient Say Ah! CD relic. What a trip! There are some moments that make me smile, but there are a lot of cringe-worthy moments too! Oh man, I wasn’t a lead guitarist - I was more of a secondary rhythm guitar player. We sounded better live, I think. Anyway, I wonder what the rest of the band thinks when they look back on that experience.