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Post #184: Time off, how I missed thee

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Dear Alice,

I just had a week off work, and I forgot how much I enjoy not working. :)

I don’t know how we do normally, to be honest. There’s no time to compress: we work for 8 hrs a day, we commute for 1-2 hrs, we take ~1 hr to get ready for work. My mental math says I’ve only got 4 hrs a work day to myself. What about with kids?! It’s so dumb.

I remember when I came to the conclusion that time was more important than money, and I convinced my employers to let me work 4 days a week. I think it’s still a good idea. Hopefully, I can get that going again in the near future.

My whiteboard came in handy during the time off. Anything I felt I should do, I’d put it up on the board, and it wouldn’t come off until I did it. I bought some winter jackets and boots; I did a big ol’ spring cleaning of clothes I’m no longer wearing; I saw a bunch of peeps I hadn’t seen in a while; it’s all been pretty good.

Other things:
I got the sequel, “How to Rap 2″ book from my friend for Christmas. I also bought myself a Jazz book and a Blues book. I’m hoping to get better at all of these things. The trick, in my head, is not to put so much pressure on myself to do it all, right now, or I’ll blow a fuse, and give up.
So far, I’ve written one dumb rap over a Katy Perry beat, and I’ve jammed with friends who gave me some good pointers on how to approach jazz tunes. Here’s hoping I can get back on stage with my own material by the end of this year.

Oh shoot, is that a resolution? My only resolution is to not have any resolutions… but I already can see myself buying a place in April…

David =B~)