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Post #170: Week 13

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Monday - Rearranged my room, bringing all music gear back in it.
Tuesday - last day of bowling for the season!
Wednesday - Bought suitcases - 3 for the price of 1 at the Bay!
Thursday - More Christmas shopping, more bowling (CJ’s turkey!)
Friday - MORE Christmas shopping, chilling with CJ
Saturday - Frisbee tournament, RDC’s farewell party
Sunday - Trivia (Nuts & Gum debuts at 73/100!)

So, there you have it. 13 weeks off work.
It was a big mystery, filled with dreams and imagination as to what I could have accomplished.
However, there’s still so much to do, that it’s hard to stay focused on one thing. Then again, what’s better? Bowling once a day for two weeks, or once a week for 13 weeks?
I made a little progress on a lot of things, and my life is still pretty much on course and intact.
Yay, me.

Post #169: Weeks 11 and 12

Monday, December 10th, 2012

I’m again, not remembering everything. Will try to.

Thursday - went clothes shopping, grocery shopping, did chores, cooked Shepherd’s Pie
Friday - can’t remember…
Saturday, Dec 1st - can’t remember…
Sunday - cancelled trivia led to games night at Eric and Jo’s, played the Resistance.
Monday - reviewed an ultimate frisbee video, worked on a background tune for one of Shetu’s interview videos.
Tuesday - skipped bowling
Wednesday - can’t remember…
Thursday - Went bowling with Dasri and Shetu
Friday - Eaton’s centre shopping, ate at Mercato, where Stirling cooks, made Shepherd’s Pie again, watched the Avengers.
Saturday - made breakfast for CJ, played SMBWii, went to Jacquie’s birthday party
Sunday - magic drafting, got June and Ken to come out for it.

One more week to go!