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Post #168: Week 10

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Shoot me in the face, I want it to be over.
I don’t fully remember what we did.
At this point, I’m a wreck. A complete wreck. Not sure if work will make me feel any better, but at least it’d be a distraction.

Monday - Watch Magic drafting videos, played Halo and Mario Kart
Tuesday - More of the same.
Wednesday - bowling.
Thursday - played Mario Kart for 8 hrs straight
Friday - Jackie’s crazy Easter Egg Hunt in November.
Saturday - Recovering from Jackie’s party, to go to Claire’s birthday party
Sunday - Magic drafting of Innistrad, plus a quick visit to the Veees
Monday - Finish off Mario Kart stuff, stayed up until 6 am watching Myst and Riven playthroughs
Tuesday - Bowling.
Wednesday - that’s today… so far, nothing of note.

Post #167: Week 9

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Monday - went over to my co-worker, Eric’s house, as he was off for remembrance day.
Tuesday - bowling, CJ beat Stirling and I in a close 4-game match!
Wednesday - cleaned CJs bathroom, then website programming.
Thursday - website programming… discovering that I was following a tutorial that uses obsolete functions.
Friday - met up with musicians at the BS Friday event, more website programming, then had friends over for video games! (Mario Kart is still the best party game ever.)
Saturday - woke up at 2 pm, CJ and I walked to a sushi+thai place for suppunch, and then watch the movie “secretary”. Great James Spader stuff, but I was bothered by the guy being too much of an asshole in the movie. :)
Sunday - Magic draft with 10+ people!! In two hours!!

So, I’m programming a lot. Most of the work can’t be seen on the website, since I’m testing things out in the background, on hidden pages. OooOOOOoooohh. So far, I’ve got a log-in, registration, and main page developed. Next is some form input, add, edit and remove pages. Isn’t that exciting?!?!

Post #166: Weeks 7 and 8

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Lazy, lazy, eh? Where am I? What’s happening?
I got my contract for my next year working at RBC. That’s nice to see. I think I’m out of ideas.
Sure, I can grab a mortgage broker, and then hit up some open houses. I think that’s next.
Still, I’m getting really bored, spending money without watching it coming in.
It’s really weird going out so much, and still picking up the bills for the table. Who’s to blame for my lack of income than myself? *Looks around*

Halloween Wednesday - CJ made us a nice brunch, and then we went bowling in Burlington, and then I had drinks with Sandeep and Dasri, until 4 am.
Thursday - Headed to CJ’s for the day, we went out for lunch, watched the movie Swingers! (since I had never seen it before), to the Sultan’s Tent for dinner, and to Kitch for comedy night. The cool thing was one comedian made jokes about how horrible it is for him to have a birthday on Halloween! “As a kid, you lure others to your party by offerring loot bags, but if I tried that? ‘Nah, we’ve got pillow cases full of candy’.” It was surreal.
Friday - lunch with co-workers. Not bad, though I was embarrassingly late.
Saturday - Studied for Magic Drafting, and then went to lose 5 out of 9 games.
Sunday CJ and I went to the “Everything To Do With Sex Show”. It went better than we expected. Disappointments, yes, but better than the kind of disappointments that a Cosmo magazine comes with.
Tuesday - Bowling again. Bowled a 150 average.
Wednesday - watched a lot of bowling videos….
Thursday - got my three ottomans from Walmart, met up with Jackie, constructed Magic decks with friends.
Friday - went bowling on my own, did some database prep work, then to Fran’s with CJ, and to a Euchre night.
Saturday - watched the Five-Year Engagement with CJ, went to the pinball cafe for CJ’s sister’s birthday party.
Sunday - working with Dasri on programming…

Five more weeks.