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Post #165: Week 6

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

I’m slacking.

Monday - driving lessons
Tuesday - bowling (4 strikes in a row!)
Wednesday - Halloween costume shopping! dinner at Little India
Thursday - magic draft (last place!)
Friday - driving lessons
Saturday - Halloween costume build + party!
Sunday - full day with CJ
Monday - Got my full G licence! Yeah!! Made chilli!
Tuesday - nothing, really.

I’m not sure what to say for myself. I think I’m doing a lot of thinking…? Is that a thing? Where’s my inspiration? Where are my songs? Where’s my beer?
Tomorrow’s my birthday, and Thursday, CJ’s got a full day planned ahead for me. On Friday, I’ll be having lunch with co-workers, and on Saturday, I’ll be involved in a full day of MTG drafting!

Post #164: Week 5

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Saturday - Jackie’s paintlounge birthday! Painted a dragon! CJ won a prize for her painting!
Sunday - went to Parley, played Magic, joined in on the telling of the Aristocrats joke, stayed late
Monday - bought stuff, like CDs and chocolate bars, worked on my website!
Tuesday - driving lessons, bowling, bought my bowling shoes! bowled a 182!
Wednesday - helped Dasri with Python programming, worked on some instrumental music in Pro Tools, played Magic! had a good final round with Adam!
Thursday - met Jackie and Sandeep for lunch, helped Dasri with programming in the evening.
Friday - wasted the morning on, saw Genie
Saturday - spent the day with CJ, got her CDs out, borrowed many of those CDs, met up with the Veees in the evening for board games
Sunday - went for Frisbee, and played Magic!

It wasn’t the greatest week, and there were big pockets where I felt like I wasn’t doing anything. I’m hoping things change in week 6, but it is what it is. I think I’m less panicky of making it count, and more mellow about going with the flow.

Post #163: Week 4 off

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Oye! I swapped chess with Magic: The Gathering!

Monday - Thanksgiving - cooked scalloped potatoes w CJ, ate Thanksgiving lunch with team, played in the finals for Frisbee.
Tuesday - bought the latest cards in Magic w Stirling, played many games of Magic, went bowling, bowled two turkeys!
Wednesday - built two Magic decks, made homemade shake n bake chicken, called Mom
Thursday - built a third Magic deck, went to Regina Spektor concert
Friday - went for driving lessons on the highway, wrote “I’m On A Boat” parody, went to play Magic with Adam and Lian.

So, there’s the theme.
I’m a geek, and I geek out with my spare time.
I’m slowly moving to my website. It’s time I start playing around with this database stuff I’ve got floating around. I hit these bumps in my development, and then I just bail. It’d be easier if I had a mentor or a tutor or something…. There’s bound to be someone on my Facebook who’d be willing to teach me. Hmmmmmm….

Post #162: Week 3

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Not so great! I got sick. :( And all for the wrong reasons. I damaged my throat, and Bam! Headache, and coughing, and no drive to do much.

Saturday - Puja’s birthday party
Sunday - subbed for Frisbee, hung out with Chana, played pool, went to Menchies
Monday - researched website database Access/MySQL possibilities, semi-finals Frisbee match
Tuesday - slightly sick… Bowling… I don’t remember doing much else.
Wednesday - full blown sick… driving lessons, set up corporate payroll/HST stuff, first attempt at scalloped potatoes, watched many videos of Final Fantasy video game play on YouTube
Thursday - lots of attempts at songwriting while sick, played a draft of Magic the Gathering
Friday - I can’t remember…. I must have woken up late, then headed over to CJs.
Saturday - ate at new Gabby’s and at Apache burger, shopping for Thanksgiving ingredients, Bowling with Adam and Lian, played Barbie board game!
Sunday Thanksgiving with CJ’s parents.

I should be talking about my experience at Hip Hop Karaoke.
I should also not be getting so sick. It’s always the same. Damage my throat, and I’m going to get sick. Well, I’m still light headed. Hopefully, I can talk only a little, and cough even less today and tomorrow. I’ve got some music to make next week!