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Post #161: Week 2

Friday, September 28th, 2012

This week had a bit more music going on. Do I remember what happened?

Friday: music with Johnathan Park
Saturday: Doris’ birthday party.
Sunday: write off day? watched Zack and Miri
Monday: lots of chess, cooked chili, booked driving lessons, played Frisbee, saw Bill Burr
Tuesday: Music with Steve, bowling
Wednesday: (driving lessons got cancelled for Saturday), coffee with Bruce, trivia with CJ and Leslie
Thursday: booked flight to Grenada, Music with Gabe and Erin
Friday: Hip Hop Karaoke Competition

I wish I had a guitar here at CJs…. I really need one right about now. Maybe I’ll try a tune off my iPod.

Post #160: First week off

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Day 5 of my forced time off.

So far, so good. I’ve been very worried about wasting the days ahead of me. “Have a plan!” and “The days go by really quickly!” are the two main pieces of advice I got. I wondered whether I wasted my time in 2010, and I was pleased to be reminded of what I did in my blog entries. I’m not a time waster… even if I wake up at 11 am.

So, here’s what I’ve done, just so I have a record of it.

Friday: guys night out! introduced the guys to Blokus and Seven Wonders! up until 4 throwing a Frisbee!
Saturday: talked to Mom, IKEA for shelves, TIFF 9.79*, drinks at Pogue Mahone.
Sunday: easy day spent with CJ. Trivia (high score 60/100!)
Monday: Chess, sleep, chess, sleep, chess, and Frisbee game (speed point)
Tuesday: called Microsoft, transfered missing songs from old computer to “new” laptop, saw Sasha, went bowling (high score, 153!)
Wednesday: cleaned up CJ’s apartment. Comedy club.
Thursday: returned access card to work, bought helmet, window shopped for bench-couch, cleaned up my own apartment, found a new spot for bikes.
Friday 21st: called Microsoft again, continued apartment clean-up…

No music yet, but Jonathan’s coming over at 4 pm to play keys with me. It’ll be his first time ever playing i>with someone. Hope it’s a good one.

David =B~)

Post #159: Ultimate Frisbee Stats

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea. — Sir Francis Bacon

Right now, I’m knee-deep in tabulating stats for my team’s Ultimate Frisbee games. We started recording each game last year, and then one guy had the bright idea to made stats for a few of them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t playing in the games he did, and he’s now too busy with his first baby to do another.

I thought I’d take his example and expand. I developed a language for encoding the details of each pass, and then I created a series of Excel spreadsheets to parse the code and spit out supposedly useful statistics per player.

So far, at best, I’ve got some hard numbers to back-up what once were just hunches, like completion rates, and possession counts. However, I think I’m beyond the age where I just program computer games in Q-BASIC just to see if I can do it. Now that I’ve put all this effort into it, I’m looking for an equal or bigger pay off.

I’m going to explore the medium a little further. I’ve got a few more games that I can look into. Maybe I’ll tweak the code, or maybe I’ll see something new in the data. Here’s hoping!

After two weeks of 5-HTP, I dropped it. The effects started tipping the other way, and instead of helping me maintain a happy mood, I’d stick in a bad mood and not care that I was in one.