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Post #155: (You Gotta) Fight

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

My girlfriend showed me this clip of Cold Play covering the Beastie Boys song, “Fight For Your Right to Party”, as a tribute to the recent passing of MCA, a.k.a. Adam Yauch, and I went from supportive boyfriend to absolutely devastated mourner of his passing.

The song isn’t supposed to be a sad song. It’s a fun tune, griping about parents spoiling your good times! I stood there, listening to Cold Play’s acoustic version of the song, and thinking about how wrong it was… it’s too mellow…. in a single passing through my ears, Cold Play turned the song into MCA’s final plea: you’ve got to fight for your right to party.

I kid you not, I found myself trembling on her couch, trying to hold in my wailing as she continued to surf the internet in the other room. “Your mom threw away your best porno mag” is a hilarious line! Why does it ring like that in my ears?? I was squeezing tear after tear from my eyes, heaving and sniffling, as the chorus would come back to me: you’ve got to fight.

It’s so light, I kept thinking. MCA wasn’t trying to make a point, was he? It’s just an observation. It’s just about kids and parents. It’s just life! Stop twisting it. Yet, I couldn’t shake it. MCA’s passing and Cold Play’s stupid* interpretation of the song just extracted my frustrations with the world, and washed them away.

*- It’s not stupid. I just don’t believe that they intended for it to touch me as it did. I mean, Cold Play doesn’t understand how acoustic interpretations can evoke these emotions, right? :P They’re so reckless.