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Post #150: BS Fridays & Community Building

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Work for most people is really very social, and the actual thinking is often done in community.
– Tobias Wolff

There’s a group that meets every now and again to talk about music, and where the industry is going nowadays. The group is called BS Fridays, and it’s led by Barbara Sedun, EMI Music Publishing Canada‚Äôs senior vice-president, and Scott Hons, a freelance coach for artists/band (I like his blog.) I’ve met mostly musicians and songwriters there, but a good bunch of them happen to be doing others things on the side as well.

The first guy was the lead singer of Modern Boys Modern Girls - Akira Alemany. He talked about about a project he’s a part of called Snapback, which is attempting to create a community of bands in Toronto, New York and Montreal. It reminded me of the idea of creating a community of artists who tour together, and share the bulk load of setting up gigs.

The second person was not a musician. She was the booker for El Mocambo, and she gave us the venue’s perspective when it comes to generating an audience. We had a long conversation - the 12-15 people there - about what we could do about encouraging audience members to come for the entire show, not just their friend’s act. Again, how do I ensure that people stick around? Well, I’m only responsible for at most an hour of the show. I had better flock together with the right feathers, right? Basic stuff, but it still needs to be said.

So, here’s my current big question: with whom can I tour?

To answer that, I can see myself doing a few things:
1. Scout for other acts online and at open-mics.
2. Put up promotional material online. (Like a trailer video for my stuff.)

I’m currently scoping out Meghan’s webcast archives for some good artists. I think I just might have found one I like. Let’s try for a few more.

David =B~)