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Post #144: Meghan Morrison’s 1 Year Anniversary Podcast

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

No other god has been so cynical, for the camera records in order to forget. — John Berger

Amazing! Going on that webcast is like going to a kid’s birthday party. There was cake, and balloons, and even a loot bag for the performers! Iman and I each left with a nice little Artist Review. Then, we got a link to the full video onlne, for others to check out, in case they missed it. I even have my own copy of it, in case I wanted to post clips to my YouTube channel. Absolutely wonderful.

I’ve got to say that I’m still in admiration of Meghan’s home studio. I was looking at her studio set up like a boy would admire his friend’s new car. She’s got a sweet condenser microphone (if you couldn’t already tell from the recording) and a really nice video camera. I’m sure that it’s taken a while to collect these things, but it’s really come together into something to be proud of.

Interested in seeing what other artists have been on the show? Check out this link: Webcast Archive By Artist

It’s a different mindset when you’re dong a live video recording than it is to be on stage, with your audience present. There’s no laughter to feed off of. Just your own inner turmoil, simmering such unanswerable questions as “Do I sound good through the equipment?” and “Are any of my friends watching right now?” and most importantly, “What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks should I be doing with the camera? Staring into the abyss? Slightly away from it? I’m not even singing right now! Where do I look?!

Once you come to your own firm decision on the amount of love and attention you need to give to the camera, the rest just rolls off your shoulders with a well placed *shrug*.

I’m hoping to tune in to the webcast in two weeks, on May 10th, to hear Ramon Perdigao play on her show. I was a consideration to play with him, but instead I was to have birthday cake with Iman. No regrets here. :D Instead, my friend, Rehan Dalal has the spot. Nice to know that Meghan groups the three of us together - or at least that Ramon can bridge the gap between Rehan and I.

Let’s see if I can make some noise in that chatroom. :)

David =B~)
end of May, early June
Free Times Café

Post #143: Website Resumes as Resumé

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

The world has the habit of making room for the man whose actions show that he knows where he is going. — Napoleon Hill

Now that the show’s done, I feel like things are less hectic again. Shows are filled with stress and heartache, but this last one, had me walking away like I could easily go for another.

I have to thank my friends, Irina and Sasha, for getting me out of the house and on stage again. They insisted I do one in March, and then insisted again I do one in April. Thank you.

What’s next on the agenda? Now that I’ve got my website working on Internet Explorer again (thanks Mark), I can start using it as my resumé again. There are still a few things I’d like to change about it, of course, but it works. It’s clean. It’s up-to-date. It’ll do.

I’ve got a few people whom I’ve met recently, in different scenes, and it’s nice to see people finding their spot in the music universe. For instance, I’m meeting up with Meghan Morrison on her webcast this Tuesday, April 26th, at 7 pm. It’s her one year anniversary show, and she’s got a spot ready for me. Incredible. :) I even get to play with my friend, Iman Wain, who’s cool enough to bust out a Florence + The Machine cover at her concert.

Let’s keep it coming.

David =B~)
Tuesday, April 26th, 8 pm
Meghan Morrison Podcast

P.S. The hardest thing is trying to do it all at once. The world makes you a lot of promises, and you try to stretch your fabric sense of self over them all. They tell you not to settle for less, but the truth is you have to settle for something. Your imagination is just too childish. I’m starting to crawl out of the rubble I created for myself. I can feel the pieces coming together and making sense again. Even if this is just the calm before the storm, I’ve got a lot of confidence in this magical summertime log cabin doubling as a bunker for the next cold winter.

“And I thank whatever it is for not letting me fall apart” - Jon Travis, “Whatever It Is

Post #142: Quickie Before Show

Friday, April 15th, 2011

I’m reverting to the tried and true. I’ve got a few songs that I’m solid on, and I’m going to spend the next hour thinking about the fillers. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t iron out the “Hard Truth” song before the show, but there’s no time for crying over dissected music. The Show Must Go On.

Here’s what I’m thinking:
The Distance, (opener), You Make Me, Stay Home, Dead End, Weather Vane
Then, I’ve got The New City Song, Ain’t A Lonely Town, Tell Me You Love Me and a wildcard, which could be a cover, or perhaps Colour My Numbers.

I don’t like ending on a bad note, but if I’m not ending on The Distance, then I’ll have to end on Tell Me or Weather Vane. You Make Me is solid, but not too bitter sweet. Nuts, so is Tell Me. Augh. Again, the Show Must Go On. I’ll have to write a better set ender sometime soon.

I’m off to practice for a bit, and then it’s game time.

David =B~)

Post #141: Overdissection –> Regroup.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Okay world. I’m catching on. It’s making sense.
Life is easy, once you catch on that it’s reasonable. The hard part is being reasonable.

My show is in three days, and I’ve gone and dissected two of my songs to the point where they’re no longer presentable! Dilemma! Must regroup.

Hmm…. Well, I still do have at least 8 songs that were built well in the first place, right? Why do I need the new tunes?
I guess I always want to present a better show, and I have this idea in my head for what would make for a better show: newer material. If there’s no new material, then there’s no hope in improving, and I just don’t try anymore. Isn’t that sad?

Well, let’s see if I can’t come up with a compromise.

Some prototypes are cool enough to present to people, right? I like works-in-progress, once they’re presented to me as such.
Oh! And there’s something that I’ve wanted to do with my new song, “Tell me (You Love Me)” that might work at the concert. I’ll leave it at that, and hope that I don’t forget when the show starts.

David =B~)
April 15th - Free Times Café. @ 10 pm
With Myke Mazzei & Jeff Stone

Post #139: Regression

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

“He who cannot rest, cannot work; he who cannot let go, cannot hold on; he who cannot find footing, cannot go forward.” - Harry Emerson Fosdick

[I missed a number. That was silly.]
Dear Alice,

I remember once being told that I created you just so that I could personalize my blog. It’s a shame, because I really created you as my imaginary friend. Without you, I’d be writing to a virtual crowd, ever fluctuating, with too many wants for me to manage every time I tried to write.

It’s probably a sign that someone is lonely when they’re writing to imaginary friends. In Castaway, we got Wilson. In Calvin and Hobbes, we got awesomeness. You know, I’m not sure it’s so bad to have an imaginary friend. It’s practice. It’s… um… actually, it’s probably better to practice interacting with other human beings who can shed a different view point than your own. Especially about your own concerns about life, than it is to vent to a fictional character.

But if you can’t find someone to talk to about an issue you hold dearly
Or if that someone you used to talk to is no longer in your life
Don’t you need an interim solution?

Don’t people blog more when they aren’t in relationships?
Well, not if they’re both writers. I remember that one. However, that was a pretty lonely relationship

Alice, I’m not sure if I want to admit that you exist anymore.
Well, I’ll bring you back when I need you, okay? That’s all I can say about that.
And you won’t feel a thing. Promise.

David =B~)

Post #140: Souvenirs.

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Come together by accident
or God, if you can handle it
Then, come apart by accident
or God, if you can’t manage it
Reason me with chemistry
Past the sweet placebo
Then, clap your hands for magic!
We no longer need to know

Forget the attraction
to what’s on His’ mind
Accidents happen
so let’s compromise
Let’s go climb mountains
I’ve practiced on mine
I’m ready to travel
with baggage my size

What’s absolutely good for me?
What’s relatively better?
I’m never feeling good when I
believe there always better
And so believed my sweet hearts
Our bags were packed with fears
Until we matched the common parts
and now they’re souvenirs

Forget the attraction
to what’s on His’ mind
Accidents happen
so let’s compromise
Let’s go climb mountains
I’ve practiced on mine
I’m ready to travel
with baggage my size

I’m in love again. No longer ashamed.
“Which ones are mountains?” I’m really not sure.
I’m told some are molehills, but how can you blame
Somebody born in 1984?

I’m in love again. No longer ashamed.
Who’s hiding mountains??” I really can’t tell.
Some might be molehills, but how can you blame
A crazy romantic who woke up in ‘84

Forget the attraction
to what’s on His’ mind
Accidents happen
so let’s compromise
Let’s go climb mountains
I’ve practiced on mine
I’m ready to travel
with baggage my size