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Post #91: Shad’s a Godsend.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Dear Alice,

Shad K has a new CD out! I bought it on iTunes! I may just purchase the CD as well.
Best tunes: “Lucky 1s” and “We, Myself and I”

I often wonder whether that’s the noble thing to do: to cycle more funds into the arts. Societal panic seems to be around food, energy and social inequality; but people still pay for art. For true art does more than offer empty calories of entertainment. They nourish too.

Shad’s exactly that. I rushed to purchase his album as if I was jonesing for it. This dude’s got an ear for positivity. If I ever need to get out of a funk, I can just throw on songs 10-12 off his “Old Prince” album: Compromise, Exile, and Get Up. Compromise opens with,

    Yo, when I’m writing, I repeatedly edit words and rework tracks
    I’ll admit I’m like the Raptors, I got weak first drafts
    So, when I’m dropping a new flow
    It’s prob’ly not all that solid at first post - you might call it Ara├║jo

It’s nice to hear a smart guy still in doubt, still figuring himself out while making wicked tunes on the side. Keeps hope alive for a doubting fellow such as myself.

Right now, I’m in the middle of cutting and uploading some recordings taken during my practice sessions with the hired help. My drummer requested them so he can listen back to what he was doing for “The Dead End of Loving My Lust”. Exhausting stuff, all this editing, but it had to be done.

Saturday, we record.

David =B~)

Post #90: Boiling Down Doubts

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Dear Alice,

I’m getting lost in my head. The past week, I rode my bike right into a car. It was turning right, and I didn’t have my wits about me to brake. Another instance found me swerving and nearly crashing into a Vespa, which was cruising silently in my blind spot.

Never mind the irony of blogging about it: I’ve taken a silent approach to the current big happenings in my life. I’ve invited too much “friendly advice” in, and the noise is starting to bug me. Now, I’m just going to hold my doubts in, and let them all boil down to something more solid.

T-40 to a Facebook farewell.

David =B~)

Post #89: Farewell to Facebook

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Dear Alice,

I just started a group on Facebook, called “Farewell to Facebook”. I’m still coming to terms with what I’m attempting to do here.

Facebook is not the bane of my existence. It’s a fantastic tool, actually. I can find people, I can message them, I can let them know about important events going on. It’s almost a dream to be connected to so many people at once.

Facebook is not the bane of my existence. The internet is my true nemesis. What a tangled World Wide Web we weave, when we surf the world with ease. My will power has met its match. It seems to be the mix of (1) a lack of imagination to entertain myself, (2) a lack of will power to do what I feel needs to be done, and (3) the constantly renewing sense of hope that perhaps now there is something new to discover with a few clicks of the button. I feel that with my LiveJournal, my e-mail, my Google Reader, and even my cell phone. Thank goodness I’m not addicted to TV…?

I started this group, Farewell to Facebook, on a whim. My girlfriend commented on her hatred for the website, and that was enough for me. “Why don’t we leave together?”

What do I expect to happen? Well, my hope is that more people will join the group, we’ll chat about making it into a game of sorts. We’ll set up better ways to communicate outside of facebook with those who matter, before the final farewell. Then we’ll leave. Any time we feel like we should join, we’ll remember that there’s a lot of us who have left.

What about Twitter, or Buzz, or Google Reader? Well, that’s open to discussion.

I know the last time I left, I was only gone for twelve days. I’m hoping to do at least a month, if not a full four months away. My best friends don’t send out chats via facebook anyways. It’s only acquaintances nowadays.

Wish me luck,
David =B~)

Post #88: Fire and Rain

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Dear Alice,

Today is not a day for whining. It should be a day for winning. Like last year, I’m once again winning the playoff hockey pool, but not because of savvy picks. No, it’s because of several fortunate and unexpected events. An early departure by #1 Washington in the East and a no-longer cursed #1 San Jose Sharks in the West allowed for the rest of my theories to pay off big. This should be a time for joy! A time for happiness! Instead, I find myself at home, unmotivated to do much.

Last week, I was filled with an inner rage. I’m very productive when I’m angry. I hung a few pictures on my walls, I cleaned up, I set up band practice, I even prepared lunch for the week ahead. This week, the fire’s gone. Stupid cold and rainy weekend.

I’ll try to remember where it came from. Maybe that’ll help.

David =B~)