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Post #87: Bank Job

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Dear Alice,

Working for a bank can be very stressful to the psyche. It’s not necessarily that I’ve witnessed any atrocities. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m voluntarily perpetuating a system intrinsically doomed to be evil.

At lunch, we started talking about evilness, and whether banks are inherently evil. Is that as unfair as calling someone a liar? Even taking candy from a baby isn’t necessarily evil. Why, with a bit of lawyerese, you can weasel your way out of any such accusations… but the feeling keeps coming back.

I’m afraid of giving up a good thing for stupid reasons.

No, you ain’t so tough, riding in the back seat!
Swore that good things were given for free
So you gave up your destiny.

Y’know what’s not a good thing? Feeling stuck.
How do you get unstuck? You wiggle.
I’m going to look up job postings for programmers. Database and otherwise.

David =B~)

Post #86: Raw and Vegan

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Dear Alice,

I can’t deny it: I learn something about myself every time I travel. At home, I forget how to live. When I travel, I have to reinvent my way of life, even if for but a brief stint.

I’m ashamed to eat meat in front of my vegan girlfriend. I claim to stand behind the nobler causes of vegetarianism, yet I’ve no qualms with giving into my cravings for meat, dairy and eggs. I don’t like it. Unless we ate at a strictly vegetarian restaurant, I found myself fighting urges to get the steak burrito.

I came home and started seriously looking into eating responsibly.

Post #85: A Journal With A Purpose

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Dear Alice,

My girlfriend bought me a very nice moleskin book in Austin Texas.  It’s such a pretty notebook that I had to make it something special.  I’ve declared that it should only be used to discuss my musical endeavours.

How is this any different than my other journals/musings?  I’ve artificially created my own nagging music manager.  No lyrics, no introspection.  I can’t write in it unless it’s about my career in the music industry.

“Have you anything to say about your music?  Hmm??  Can’t write in here unless you do…  and you know you want to.”

We’ll see how that goes.

David =B~)