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Post #37: A Few Snippets Of My Paris

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Dear Alice,

Before I even made it on the return flight, I was dreading the first question of, “So, how was Paris?” It’s a performance anxiety which I may never get over. I guess I feel like I have to defend my position, and I’m not always prepared to do so.

I’m very happy to have visited Paris. How could I not be? I got to visit Europe. I got to be immersed in a different language. I got to travel alone. I got to live like a tourist. That’s a lot of novelty! It’s nice to be reminded of the comforts I have at home.

I’d like to mention all of the little insights that happened along my trip, and I have no idea at what point you’ll be bored of them. However, if I don’t do that, I may never finish this entry!


Post #36: One Giant Step For My Vacation

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Dear Alice,

It is time. I have my red sweater on. I’m not going to bring my jacket. At worst, I’ll just buy one there.

I’ve spent a lot more time prepping for the trip, which is a lot more than what I usually spend. It’s probably because I usually go with someone who’s got bigger plans already. …No, I remember going home with my ex- and neither of us had much planned. Luckily, my Mom knows the drill when it comes to entertaining guests when they visit.

I’m sure I could entertain friends, were they to come visit me in Toronto. Go to the CN Tower… uh, go to the ROM… ? Alright, you got me. I don’t have too many ideas. Most of my friends are from Toronto, so that’s a problem. Hmm….

Alright. Enough delaying. My flight’s at 11:20 pm and it’s 8:04 pm. All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I’m … blogging before I go. All because, once I step out that door, there’s no turning back. The excitement begins. I’m on my way to Paris, and I’ve no freakin’ clue who I’ll be when I get back.

Wish me well,
David =B~)

P.S. High Park, Sky Dome, Yonge St., AGO, Casa Loma, and Centre Island are all good options as well. Alexandria Theatre and the Metropolitan Zoo. Canada’s Wonderland. Pssh, just walking around by the Lakeshore too! Toronto has stuff! Don’t hate! Don’t hate.