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Post #30: A back-handed compliment

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

“In drummer Meg, the White Stripes have a minimalist percussionist who seems to sense intuitively exactly when to not play.”
- Pandora (

Post #29: Yoga Fire

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Dear Alice,

I’m liking this yoga business. It’s all spiritual and shit. :)

I went with Andrea two Sundays ago, and I knew I was going to be a failure. I’m the guy who can’t sit down cross-legged. I’m the guy who can’t touch his toes. I’m the guy who is in the wrong class difficulty level, and should be learning the basics first. Oops.

Yoga, to the untrained observer, is all about stretching. You move into an awkward position, and you hold it. However, the how is all about channeling your breath into your body, and using it to lighten specific body parts as you inhale, and to weigh down other body parts when you exhale. Stretching your hips, strengthening your legs, becoming more powerful via balance and flexibility. I love it.

I went to the level one class not knowing the how. I lost concentration of my breath a lot because of my general confusion as to how in the heck am I supposed to do these things. “With your legs straight and spread out, on the exhale, bring your forehead to the ground (?!), lengthening your spine.”

The most frustrating thing for me is not knowing what to do if I can’t do the stretch. For instance, if I can’t touch my toes without bending my legs, what’s more important? Straight legs or touching toes? There were a couple of poses in which we sit down on our yoga mat and shift our weight forward while keeping our spines straight, yet I couldn’t lean forward without bending my spine or using my arms as support behind me. All of these questions were left unanswered, including the nagging thought of, “should I be asking myself these questions on the inhale, or on the exhale?”

I’d like to become more flexible. I think it’s funny that there are so few guys who do yoga. One girl at work thinks it’s funny that I’m a guy doing yoga, but she’s not exactly your typical feminist. Then again, I’m not your typical guy. I mean, I blog, for chryckie’s sake; isn’t that enough?

The ordeal now comes in trying to fit rock climbing, yoga, tennis, ultimate frisbee, reading and music all around a 9-to-5 work schedule. I think the only viable solution is less beer, no?

Give me a shout when you get the chance,

Post #28: Sexual Awareness Week

Friday, March 6th, 2009

I hate spam comments. I get at least 15 a day… then, I have to click “Spam” on each one individually… and finally, I end up accidentally spamming real comments. I did so for one by the Flexecutioner and for one by Supergirl. Augh.

Dear Alice,

It’s Sexual Awareness Week (SAW) at U of T. I could have gone to a students-only bath house event today, but I opted out. Not that I wasn’t interested in going just to see what a bath house is like, but I thought it was for tomorrow, not today.

My friend played a “trick” on her friends by announcing on Facebook that she was taking part in SAW when really she just was trying to spread the word and only maybe would attend. What a bitch, because it worked on me. The name alone caught my attention, and I browsed. Monday was porn and cookies; Tuesday was alternative menstruation products; Wednesday was yoga, origami and kegel exercises. I picked Wednesday and walked into the S.E.C. office, at which three people were waiting to get started.