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Post #10: Life is exhausting

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Dear Alice,

Time flies while you’re having fun. I feel like the days are getting longer and longer….

Post #9: Stop Mothering the World

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Dear Alice,

I need to learn how to let go and stop worrying. Revisit post #4, and you’ll see that I picked up a wallet on the way to Morrissey’s Halloween Store. Why did I pick it up? Well, somebody lost their wallet, and that sucks. I think I’d like to see them get it back.

That’s all well and good, but have you thought about letting someone else handle it? Well, yes, I have… but what if a thief picks it up? Isn’t it wrong for me to notice that something should be done and NOT act upon it?”

Nope. It’s NOT wrong. Think about it.

1) Trust people! You aren’t the only kind soul in the world. :)
2) In all objective fairness, it’ll take you a considerable amount of effort to return the wallet. The only info in the wallet is the name of the school which the kid attends. And you found the wallet far outside of your regular stomping grounds - the school is likely to be outside of them as well.
3) Lastly, it’s not a huge loss to the kid, right? The effort you would need to put into returning it far outweighs the grief for losing a student card, an SPC card and $15. Heck, you’ll spend $5.50 on bus fare and a chunk of your free time just to return the wallet.

I did return the wallet. It took me 14 days to find the time to leave my house for Dante Alghierie Academy. In the end, it wasn’t so bad, but I think it was harder at first because I messaged Kevin on Facebook and got no response, and I e-mailed the school and got no response. My Dad would probably tell me, “If you’re gonna return a wallet, return it.” And I did, and it was easy.

I thought about what’ll happen when Kevin gets his wallet back. Maybe his Mom already gave him crap for losing it, and maybe they just BOUGHT a new wallet and the resurfacing of the old one will just be upsetting. Okay, maybe it’ll not be that drastic. Maybe he’ll realize the effort it took to return it to him, what with the lack of info in his wallet. Maybe it’ll be so confusing to him that someone would take the time to return his expendable wallet to him that he’ll only be able to reason that there are people out there in the world that truly do care for the well-being of their fellow man.

Or maybe he’ll just feel relief for having it back and never put another thought to the matter.

*sigh* I need to stop taking it upon myself to mother the world. Nothing wrong with being nice, but if I keep up this level of niceness, I’m going to start hating the world for “taking advantage” of me… for leaving stray wallets in my path on purpose. *reads address in latest wallet find* “Abu Dhabi??”


Post #8: gObama

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Dear Alice,

As you already know, the world has rejoiced. Barrack Obama won the election 338 to 163. My friends and I watched the election from a bar, and we agreed to play a drinking game. Everytime the lead changed, we’d chug our beers. Well, Obama overtook McCain’s initial lead of 8 electoral votes to 3, and after that we never chugged again. …Okay, that’s a lie. We made up new drinking rules. Everytime the announcer draws a green line on the screen, we drink. …No, anytime he draws any line, we drink. Oh God. I think it’s time to figure out how to drink responsibly. I don’t have a driver’s licence, but I do cause accidents.

I’m really happy that Obama won. I feel it’s in tandem with my desire for personal change, and had he not won, I’d have one less placebo to keep me on track.

I watered my “new leaf” plant for the first time that Tuesday morning.

Post #7: Racing For Happiness

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Dear Alice,

I’ve started walking to work. I’ll have to do so when winter comes around anyway, so why not start early? It’s also a part of the New Fiscal Year Resolution of taking my time.

I’ve hated the slow pace of walking for the past six years of my life. I’d get my pedestrian friends to jump on the subway so that I could roller blade and meet them there. Wherever it was we were going, I had to get there now. The journey’s frustrating! The destination’s all that matters! Let’s go! …Doesn’t that set off some kinda warning bells? Doesn’t that clash with how you’re supposed to look at life?

“Wow, David! You eat really fast!”
“You got that done so quickly!”
“You’re going to break your keyboard!”
“Why are you walking so far ahead of everyone?”
“24 years old?? Wow… you’re so young….”

I’ve gotten ahead in life by rushing, and I thought it to be a great thing - why isn’t everyone else hurrying up? I go fast because I’m racing for my happiness. I’m not happy now, and I want to get there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…. It’s finally hit home that I’m not really going anywhere. There is no “destination of happiness”. I’m always going to be “here”. It’s a relief that it finally started to catch up with me. Always building, and always growing, it’s time I stop running, and finally catch my breath.

One of the new sayings I have running through my head is, “nothing is urgent”. It’s not the most important change in my life, but it’s one of them.

I plan to write a mission statement in the next few days. I was hoping to do so today, but it took me a good three hours to follow a recipe for gravy. I told you nothing is urgent. :) Now, it’s late, and the mission statement will have to wait for another day.

Post #6: Goodbye Halloween, Happy Fiscal ‘09

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I thought it fascinating that Halloween is on the last day of the Fiscal year. I read the wiki article, and it seems to tie back to harvests. Makes sense. The spooky stuff came from the superstition that, on Halloween, the barriers between the underworld and our world were weakest. I think the idea was to encourage families to stock food for the winter before the November chill hits their crops or sickens their livestock.

I hope I have enough stock this year to get me through the upcoming winter, whatever it was that I should have stocked…. Oh dear.